DAR by Soraya DEFFAR or “the singularity of the blank page”...

Studio DAR guides you, step by step, through the design and creation of the interior you dream of, an interior that is simultaneously functional, elegant, simple and refined, whether you are a private individual or a professional. 

By giving a very clear idea of our approach, from the inception of the original idea through to its implementation, including organisation and decision-making, we enable you to explore all the potential and visual impacts of your home including the choice of your colours, patterns, materials, coverings, textures, furniture and accessories. 

Whatever your project, your premises or your home is at the centre of your life, and ensuring that it reflects your style requires rigour and a great deal of imagination, being yourself and agreeing to live with an interior in your image. 

So every project is singularly unique and individually designed; we endeavour to personalise it for you, to give it a soul just for you, to make it an interior that has meaning: YOURS. Our experience enables us to get it right and to measure your requirements exactly by working around all five senses with a feeling for the everyday which contributes to the equilibrium of the person. 

Under Soraya DEFFAR’s artistic direction, every project is, for us, a blank page, where together we conceptualize everything, consider it and make it real. 
The creation and blossoming of the DAR by Soraya DEFFAR brand, lie within an inexhaustible repertoire of ideas and great classics that we focus on revisiting. 

DAR is also a model of collective adventure, which we can share with you in collaboration with various professional experts:
-Design offices, economists, project managers 
-Artisans (roofers, dry lining specialists, parquet layers, electricians, carpenters, cabinetmakers, painters, lighting specialists, glaziers, plumbers, tilers ,...)
-Energy specialists, geo-biologists
-Artists, illustrators, designers, typographers, 3D designers, graphic artists, working designers
-Engravers, printers, sign makers 
-Chocolate makers, bakers, culinary designers 
-Photographers, artistic directors 
-Sound composers and musicians
-Botanical workshops 
-Olfactory designers 

Soraya DEFFAR designer de concept

Soraya DEFFAR concept designer 

Having originally worked in the textile industry, Soraya DEFFAR continually redefines her role, adapting to the people she meets and the various skills discovered with the emergence of new techniques. Creation is both her instrument and her raw material as she does away with established ideas, to sublimate the art of living, the art of existing. 

On the strength of her deeply held values of respect for others, an ability to listen, consensus and the ability to make a multitude of innovative, eye-catching proposals, as well as objects of all kinds that sharpen her creative appetite and journeys to all four corners of the world, she dons her interior designer overalls and plunges into her laboratory of creative analyses, born from the awakening of her senses and her curiosity. The artisan of her own studio, an interior architect and concept designer, Soraya DEFFAR finds it easy to share the fruits of unusual collaboration, where, in a remarkably dazzling way, “moderation in excess” find its place. Her 360° vision allows her to democratise the workings of her mind: the inspiration she gains from her clients who, with a handshake, entrust project management to her, with a desire for “things that are beautiful, things that are good, things that are authentic”. Her sense of detail as she works with the range of building trades involved in a project gives meaning to her expertise … that of working close to the tradesmen involved. 

Soraya DEFFAR is insatiable, her activities involve her in a wide range of missions: strategy consultancy (creation of identity and development of a brand image), artistic management and style (colours, shapes, materials), design (illustrations, product editions), architecture and interior decoration (general decoration, furniture creation, scenography and the layout of living spaces, work areas and exhibition spaces).  
For almost 12 years she has produced a current of collaborations and initiatives remarkable for their number and their fidelity to her approach, marked with the criteria of seriousness, professionalism, reliability and irreproachability. 
She is capable of cutting out for you the ideal attire for your interior, inspired by influencers in terms of interior decoration, sport, fashion, advertising, photography, humanities and wonderful personalities … Her travels are the authentic signature she puts on each and every project, with style and reverence, a true concentrate of the ESSENTIAL and the AESTHETIC.
Details, style and simplicity serve to make life easier: such is her equation, her concern to provide everyone with the ideal of peace, daring and elegance she has made her own, composing with and for you. 
“Making a name with one’s talent, means owing nothing to anyone” Victor Hugo